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By using scientific methodologies and tools, we allow your company to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of its logistics and production processes.

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About us

Our Value Proposition

We are industrial engineering consultants, who assist manufacturing companies. What we are good at is reducing logistics and production costs while increasing productivity and on-time delivery.

We are different – and better – than the rest of consulting companies because in our projects we use scientific methodologies and tools, which really allows us to identify the best possible solution.



We offer three kinds of services: factories and supply chains re-design, development of procedures and decision support systems for demand, supply and production planning, implementation of lean principles and industry 4.0 technologies to foster the shop floor continuous improvement.



Do you know that an optimal factory re-design can reduce up to 50% your intra-logistics and production costs? And that the optimal supply chain configuration can reduce up to 30% your overall logistics costs?


Planning and Controll

Do you know that proper demand, supply and production plans can increase on-time delivery up to 60%? And that they can reduce costs of holding stock and set-up costs up to 25%?


Lean and industry 4.0

Do you know that lean techniques and tools and industry 4.0 technologies can allow you to increase your productivity up to 70%?


Who We Are

Our team is composed of industrial engineers, who have helped manufacturing companies in optimizing their operations for more than 15 years.

Our consultants combine this great experience on the ground with unique competences on:scientific methodologies for designing and managing logistics and production systems (e.g. simulation and prescriptive data analytics), lean techniques and tools, industry 4.0 technologies (e.g. advanced manufacturing solutions and industrial IoT).

These competences are the result of the research activities our consultants carry out in primary European Universities and Research Centres on the manufacturing excellence issue.

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